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3 Times You Need To Know For Pool Tile Repair

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Pool tiles aren't just there to make your pool look good. They also have a practical purpose. While well-installed tiles last for years, they might start to get damaged as they age. At this point, you will need to make some repairs.

When should you have your pool tiles repaired?

1. Your Tiles Are Cracked or Chipped

You might not be initially concerned with minor cracks or chips on a pool tile. However, cracks and chips can cause more significant problems if left untreated.

Pool tiles give solid surface protection to the underlying infrastructure of your pool. They can only give this protection if they are intact.

If a crack or chip is deep enough to go through a tile, then water will seep through the gap. It will collect behind the tile on your pool's structure.

This water can cause some slow damage. For example, it might affect your pool's caulking or underlying supports. It might travel outside of your pool and cause damage to any decking you have around it.

If you repair or replace the tile, then you restore its protection. Water will stay in your pool where it can't do any damage.

2. You Have Missing Tiles

In some cases, a pool tile falls off because it is old, and its grout has failed. However, missing tiles are sometimes a sign of a more serious problem.

For example, a cracked or chipped tile that isn't repaired can fall off after a while. Temperature fluctuations and water ingress can damage the tile so much that it can't stay in place.

While a cracked or chipped tile still gives you some surface protection, a missing tile leaves a dangerous gap in your pool. Water can penetrate a bigger area more quickly and cause more widespread damage.

Plus, sometimes, tiles fall off because of underlying problems in your pool's shell or structure. This could be a sign that you need a bigger repair.

3. Your Grout Is Crumbling

Old tile grout can crumble and fall out of place. You might have to clean your pool more often to remove pieces of grout that are hard to walk on. The grout might also affect your water balance.

Grout gaps can also allow water behind your tiles. So, it might be sensible to regrout your tiles to make them sound again.

If you think you have problems with some or all of your tiles, then contact local pool repair services. They can inspect your tiles and recommend the best way to fix any damage.