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Hot Mix Asphalt Versus Cold Mix Asphalt

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Paving projects require the use of hot and cold asphalt products. Learn about the properties of asphalt products. Then, hire a contractor to assist with repairing your asphalt driveway.

Hot Mix Asphalt

Hot mix asphalt contains sand, gravel, and asphalt cement. The components that a hot mix product contains are blended at a production facility. A contractor typically orders hot asphalt in advance. They prepare a job site, then they schedule a time to have a hot mix product delivered. A hot mix offers superior strength.

Once hot asphalt is poured, it cools down quickly. Hot asphalt is more flexible than cold asphalt products. It is often used for large-scale projects. It is also used to patch pavement. Hot asphalt should be used when the temperature is well above freezing.

A hot asphalt mix will cost more than a cold mix. The increased cost is due to the longevity of the product. Hot asphalt products can withstand heavy usage.

Cold Mix Asphalt

Cold mix asphalt is sold in buckets. It is a product that a contractor may keep in stock. Cold mix asphalt is not as strong as hot asphalt. It is designed for use when the temperature is below freezing.

Cold mix asphalt is much more affordable than a hot mix product. It is designed to temporarily repair asphalt surfaces. A cold mix product can be used to fill potholes and cracks that have formed in asphalt. 

Your Project

A contractor can guide you in choosing a hot mix or cold mix product. The contractor will inspect your driveway first. They will determine how severe the damage to the asphalt is. They will then consider the time of the year.

If it is fall or winter, the contractor may advise that a cold patch product is used to repair the driveway. They may recommend that you have a hot patch product installed when the weather gets warmer. If the damage to your driveway is severe, plus the temperature is well above freezing, the contractor may suggest that a hot patch product is used. 

The Hot Patch Order Process

If hot asphalt will be needed to upgrade your driveway, the contractor you hire will measure the damaged area. They will place an order for hot asphalt. Before the asphalt is delivered to your property, the contractor may clean the pavement and remove any damaged pieces of pavement that will impede the repair process.  

For more info about asphalt patching, contact a local company.