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2 Questions To Ask About The Desired Location Of Your New Property's New Water Well

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If you live in a rural area where most or all of your water comes from a well, you may have found that your current well is going dry. Because of this, you may be making plans to have a new one drilled to replenish your household's supply.

However, when it comes time to decide on where the new well should go, you may be having trouble choosing an ideal spot. While the final decision should be made by both you and the drilling service, there are a couple of questions you can ask yourself when looking at areas where you would prefer the well to go.

1. Does Your Preferred Location for Drilling the Well Have a Rocky Surface?

One question you should ask yourself when looking at potential areas for your home's new well is whether the surface is rocky. Are there small rocks that can be easily moved? Or, are there large boulders that you can only see the tops of when surveying the ground?

If the surface has large rocks, there is a chance that the ground underneath is rocky as well. While this may not necessarily rule out the area for the well, drilling down to the depth where the groundwater is located may be more difficult. The contractor can determine whether drilling is possible in these areas.

2. Is the Proposed Site of the Well Subjected to Excess Water Runoff?

Another question you should ask yourself has to do with water runoff. Is the proposed site next to a hill or in an indentation in the ground that will cause water to flood the well? Also, are there any possible sources of contamination around the area that could interfere with the safety of the water?

If the location of the well will be subjected to water runoff from inclined areas, the water supply will be muddy and would put a strain on the pump's filter. If contaminants such as fertilizer or even the septic system's drainfield are a possibility, you should look for other areas to keep the water supply safe.

When choosing a site for your property's new water well, you need to take the terrain into consideration. A rocky surface may make it difficult or impossible for the drillers to reach the depth where there is an ample water supply. You also need to make sure that no excess water or contaminants will flood the well. While you should have one or more potential spots selected, you should consult with a contractor who offers drilling services to select the most ideal spot before the work on drilling for the water well begins.

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