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Need A Roof Replacement? 4 Questions To Ask Before The Project Begins

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If you need to replace your old roof, you need to start by asking some questions. Roof replacement is a complex process. Asking the right questions can help you avoid problems with your new roof. If you've never replaced a roof before, read the information provided below. You'll find four questions to ask when replacing your residential roof. 

Can You Add Another Layer?

If you're going to replace your roof, be sure to ask about the layers. Have you replaced your roof before? If you have, there could be several layers of roofing material to work through. If that's the case, the old material should get removed before the new roof gets installed. Starting with a clear surface will help your new roof last longer. 

What Type of Roofing Material?

If you've decided to replace your roof, you'll need to ask about the material. If you've decided to use the same type of material, your roof won't need to do any extra prep work. But, if you want to change to slate or metal, your roofer will need to make some adjustments to your roof. That's because metal and slate roofs need extra support. 

Does The Subfloor Need Work?

If you're ready to replace your old roof, ask your contractor about the subfloor. If your subfloor hasn't been inspected in a while, now's a good time to do that. Once the old roofing material gets removed, the contractor can get a better look at the decking and underlayment. 


The decking is the plywood foundation of your residential roof. If it's showing any signs of damage, it should get replaced when you install the new roof. 


The underlayment is the waterproof barrier that gets applied to the plywood. If the underlayment is worn out, it's a good idea to invest in a replacement. That way, your new roof has the protection it needs. 

Do You Need a Removal Service?

If you're going to replace your roof, now's the time to ask about removal services. If you're starting from scratch, your roofing company will remove the old material. But, you need to ask about the disposal process. If you're responsible for disposal, you'll need to rent a construction dumpster for the project. Once the project gets completed, the dumpster will get hauled off to the local landfill. 

Don't take chances with your roof replacement. If you need a new roof, talk to a roofing company near you. They can answer any questions you have.