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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For Getting A New Kitchen Island

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If you're remodeling your kitchen, you might be planning on getting an island. There are different designs for an island, so you'll want to talk to your kitchen remodeling contractor about how you want to use your island so they can help you select the best size and design. Here are ideas to consider.

Determine The Length And Width

Size is important for your new island. You don't want it to crowd your kitchen, but you need it to be wide enough for your purposes. The first step is to create aisles around the new island so you have plenty of room to walk and open appliances.

Next, you can determine the width based on whether you want a cooktop, sink, or appliances built on one side and seating on the other. If you'll have seating, the island needs to be wide enough to allow room for chairs and legs. The length of the island can be determined by the size of your family. You want enough room for everyone to sit up to the island for a meal and to have room to slide all the chairs in.

Decide On The Height

Kitchen islands come in standard heights for the work surface, but you can choose the height you like best for the seating area. This is done by adding an elevated or dropped section to the island. You can decide if you want standard chairs, bar-height chairs, or counter-height chairs or stools.

With counter-height stools, you can keep the island a uniform height. Bar-height stools are taller, so you'll need to elevate the seating area of your island if you want tall stools and you like the way an elevated island looks. If you prefer standard dining chairs, you'll need to add a section to your island that's lower than the work surface.

A kitchen remodeling contractor can help you decide which would work best in your kitchen taking into account the look you like and the amount of space available.

Choose The Look

You have a lot of choices when choosing a new kitchen island when remodeling your kitchen. You may want a solid surface, or you might want a sink or stove added to the island. You'll probably want electrical outlets added, and you may want plumbing if you’re looking for a sink. If you'll have a cooktop on the island, you may want a downdraft exhaust built in so you won't need a big exhaust hood hanging from the ceiling.

You can also choose the type of countertop you like. You might want it to be the same material as the other countertops in your kitchen, or you may want your island to have its own look. You might even want to make it the design centerpiece by having a waterfall countertop that extends the stone slab to the floor on one or both sides.