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Concrete Construction: Patio Design Considerations

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If you've been thinking about installing a backyard patio, you may be trying to decide how you want to construct it. You'll have a lot of different options, including pavers and concrete. Understanding which is the best solution takes some time and consideration, but you may find that concrete is your best choice. Here's a look at a few of the reasons why many homeowners like concrete for their patio construction.


One of the reasons that many homeowners prefer concrete for their backyard patio area is its versatility. You can create virtually any final appearance that you want from a concrete patio with the right stamping and finishing methods. That means that you can install a concrete patio that's finished to resemble stone or tile. No matter what you want your backyard patio to look like, there's sure to be a concrete finish that will meet your needs.


Concrete is a popular choice for high-traffic backyard patios because of its durability. Unlike stone tile and similar materials, you won't have to worry about concrete cracking or breaking from something heavy that was dropped or anything that strikes it. Concrete holds up to a lot more wear and tear than a stone tile or other material might, which makes it well worth the investment for most any backyard patio.


Because concrete patios are prepared and poured instead of having to be individually placed like tiles, you'll find that a concrete patio is more affordable than many of the other options available to you. Depending on its size and the complexity of the installation, you may be able to install a concrete patio in a weekend, making it a quick and easy project. You'll just have to avoid walking on it until the concrete cures, and your concrete construction technician will let you know how long that needs to be.


Concrete patios are quick and easy to take care of with very little in the way of maintenance needed. Keep the concrete surface swept periodically so that dirt doesn't build up and become abrasive. Talk with your concrete contractor about periodic sealant applications as well to prevent staining and discoloration over time.

These are just a few of the things you should consider when you're trying to decide if a concrete patio is right for you. Talk with a local residential concrete construction contractor today to see if your project would be a good fit for a concrete solution.