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How Repairable Is Your Next Fence?

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Need a new fence for your home, but worried about making repairs down the road? If so, it will help to know more about how to repair these three types of fence materials. 

Vinyl Fence Repairs

A vinyl fence can be constructed in multiple ways, with the fence either having complete panels of material or individual slats that are held in place with a top and bottom rail. The type of repair that you have to do will really depend on the type of fence that you have. If you have a solid panel fence, you'll need to potentially replace the entire panel if there is damage to it. If the fence has slats, know that it is possible to only replace the damaged slats. You'll need to remove the top rail to slide out the bad slats, and then replace the broken slats with new material. 

If you have a small hole in a vinyl fence, it is possible to patch it so that you do not see the hole anymore. However, this will only work best for small holes that are cosmetic, and not the kind that compromise the stability of the fence. 

Wrought Iron Fence Repairs

The main issue you'll have with a wrought iron fence is rust. Fixing this problem will require sanding off all of the rust and then giving it a new coat of paint. That's said, wrought iron is fairly durable and shouldn't have many problems over the years. 

The biggest issue that may happen is having the decorative spires of a wrought iron fence break off from impact damage. If this happens, they would need to be welded back on to reattach them. 

Wood Fence Repairs

Even though wood fences are more susceptible to damage, they are easy to repair. It's very similar to vinyl fences where you can replace damaged slats on the material. 

However, wood fences will require more maintenance to prevent rot from forming. Rotting boards will also need to be replaced with new ones, and may require staining all of the fence again to get the new wood boards to blend in with the old ones. 

Know that you are not on your own if you end up having damage caused to your fence. Reach out to a local fencing contractor that can perform the repair for you. It's the best way to ensure that the fence is repaired correctly and looks seamless when compared to the rest of the material.

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