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Do You Have A Tiny Leak In Your Roof?

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If you do all you can to keep your home in good condition, it may surprise you to find small droplets of water on your ceiling or walls after it rains. Those tiny droplets of water may come from a tiny hole in your roof. Small roof leaks may not become known until they damage your home. Learn more about tiny roof leaks and how they affect your home below. 

How Can Small Roof Leaks Damage Your Home?

Holes, or openings, can show up anywhere on your roof. Holes can develop along the roof's edge or near the gutters, or they can show up on the surface of your roof and under the shingles. The metal base of your chimney can also develop tiny holes in it. 

It can be very difficult to detect a tiny leak once it forms on your roof. In many cases, it can take years before a small leak becomes deep and large enough to damage your home. The droplets of water on your ceiling and walls may be the beginning stages of a major roof leak.

If you suspect you have a tiny, hidden leak in your roof, contact a construction contractor or roofer for an inspection today.

How Do You Find and Repair a Tiny Roof Leak?

Because the hole in your roof could be anywhere, a construction contractor or roofer will need to take drastic actions to find it. The first place a contractor or roofer may check is your attic. If the hole in your roof is deep, it will allow water to drip into your attic during the year. A roofer needs to find signs of water or moisture damage in your attic before they move on with the inspection.

The signs may include:

  • white or yellowish stains on the ceiling, floor, and walls
  • brown or red rust on the nails in your attic ceiling
  • black or green mold and mildew on the furnishings and keepsakes in the attic

If a construction contractor or roofer finds any of the signs above, they'll take their inspection to the roof itself. A contractor will look for things that may indicate a tiny or hidden roof leak, including folded or lifted shingles. After they find the hole on your roof, a contractor will repair it.

If you think your roof has a tiny hole in it, call a roof repair contractor for help.