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Repairing Problems With Your Garage Door Spring

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The spring for your garage door is an important part of the system as it can provide important support for the motor when it is raising and lowering the door. When there are problems with this critical part of the garage door system, it's important to contact a professional to replace the garage door spring.

Garage Door Springs Can Fail Without Snapping

There is an assumption from some homeowners that a failed garage door spring will always involve it actually snapping and breaking. While this type of catastrophic failure can occur with the garage door spring, it is also possible for these malfunctions to be less dramatic. For example, it is possible for the garage door spring to become warped, brittle, or otherwise compromised. While these problems may not be as visibly recognizable as a broken spring, they can still have substantial impacts on the functionality of the garage door system.

Garage Doors That Are Too Heavy For The Spring Can Increase The Risk of Failure

Garage door springs are designed to be extremely strong so that they can handle raising and lowering the garage doors for many years. However, if a homeowner has installed garage doors that are heavier than what the spring is designed to support, it could put enough strain on the spring to increase the risk of a catastrophic failure. Whenever you are installing new garage doors, the weight capacity of the current garage door spring will have to be assessed to determine whether it is capable of supporting the weight of the door that you are wanting to install as well as the potential upgrade options if it is not suitable for the doors you are wanting to install.

Replacing the Garage Door Spring Is Often The Only Viable Repair Option

When your garage door spring suffers a major failure, the only viable repair option is likely to be replacing it. While this is a job that is not likely to take very long, it can be extremely dangerous to complete. The garage door spring will be under major tension, and this can lead to it potentially coming loose and flying towards the person that is attempting to replace it. It's important to bring a professional in because without effective safety gear and training, a person may be at a significantly higher risk of suffering a major injury as a result. Any mistakes made during the installation of the new garage door spring can also lead to it being more vulnerable to failures in the future, which may cause injuries to those that are standing under the opener or in the vicinity of it.

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