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Custom Home Additions For Multigenerational Families

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A multigenerational household can have many benefits, but families can find their homes become too small when more family members start moving in. Here are some ideas for a custom home addition if you have your parents, adult children, or even your grandparents moving in with you.

1. Upstairs apartment

If you have a family member who likes to live independently, you may be able to have a second story added to your house as an upstairs apartment. Some questions to ask when planning this upstairs level addition include:

  • Will the upstairs apartment have an exterior door?
  • Will you include an entire kitchen in the upstairs apartment or maybe just a kitchenette?
  • Will you need to install a stairlift to help older family members get to the upstairs apartment?

Your custom home additions contractor can work with your family to design the perfect upstairs apartment addition.

2. Accessory dwelling unit

In many locales, you can add on a detached structure known as an accessory dwelling unit or in-law suite if you have enough space on your property. This can be an option that allows your family member even more privacy since no walls or ceilings are shared between the two structures. These types of units are at ground level, making them easy to access. They also have separate entrances, so they can also be great for your adult children who prefer to come and go freely.

3. Accessible bathrooms

If your family member prefers to live in a less detached way or requires assistance with daily activities, you may just have them live in your main living area with you rather than a separate apartment or structure. But you may need to add a bathroom that has accessible features, especially if your family member is a senior or has mobility issues or other physical limitations.

A custom add-on can allow you to install a fully accessible bathroom without changing the bathrooms you currently have in your home. Accessible features to include in the bathroom can be things like grab bars, a shower seat, a walk-in tub, a toilet with a more accessible height, and anti-slip flooring plus anti-slip shower or tub floor coatings.

4. Bump-out additions for added space

In some cases, a family member with physical limitations may have difficulty getting around in a house with small hallways and small living spaces. In other cases, adding to your household simply means you need more square footage in your hallways and living areas so people can walk around without running into each other. A bump-out addition can help add width to increase the floor space or widen a main hallway for easier maneuverability.

These are just some of the different custom additions you may need for your home if you have multiple generations living together. Get in touch with a home additions contractor like one at Dog Star Construction today to start planning your addition.