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Is It Time For Window Replacement?

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How old are your windows? Although your windows may look okay at a glance, are they still effective? It is recommended to replace your windows after every 15-20 years. However, you don't need to wait that long to get your windows replaced. Read on for signs that indicate your windows need replacement.

Worn Out Window Frames

Extreme weather conditions and the age of windows can result in wear and tear of the window or its frame. Often, windows sustain damage over time, which repairs cannot help solve. It is time for a window replacement if the frames of your windows are too soft or appear chipped. 

When your window frames are chipped, getting a replacement is the best alternative. A soft window frame shows water infiltration and damage. Thus, if left on the window, they may begin sagging and interfere with your window operating optimally.

Difficulty Opening or Closing the Window

Are you struggling to open or close your windows? After some years, windows tend to develop balance issues, which make them hard to open or close. Additionally, the difficulty in operating the window could be due to accumulated rust or rot. 

Hard-to-close windows pose a security threat since you can't lock them properly; therefore, they leave your home vulnerable to theft and burglary. Consider getting replacement windows to boost the security of your home.

There Was a Severe Storm

If you live in areas where storms are common, it is essential to seek window replacement after a storm. Storms often come with strong windows and extreme moisture, which can damage your windows.

Furthermore, during a storm, most windows crack, get scratched, and are severely damaged. Thus, it is important to inspect your windows after a heavy storm to identify if you need a replacement.

A Lot of Condensation Between the Glass Layers

When you notice frost between your windows, it shows the window seal is ineffective and allows moisture to enter the home. A malfunctioning seal indicates that the insulating gas used to help make the window more energy efficient is ineffectual, and thus, you need a replacement.

Besides, the condensation between the glasses will compromise the temperatures around your house, putting an extra load of work on your air conditioning system. The straining HVAC system will lead to higher energy bills. Fortunately, a window replacement can help avoid paying thousands of dollars for energy bills.

Why let old and faulty windows affect the temperature of your home and increase your energy bills? Get window replacement services by booking your consultation with a pro today.

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