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Uses For Decorative Rocks In Landscape

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You use decorative rocks used in your landscape in many different ways. Decorative rocks are great for landscaping because they can help add to the look of the yard while also serving various functions. Here are some of the great ways decorative rocks can be used in your landscape: 

Decorative rock can be used around water features

If you have water features in your yard, then large decorative rocks can be used around those features to give them a bolder, larger appearance that can help to make them nice-looking focal points that will be easier to spot from further away. For example, if you currently have a basic Koi pond in your yard, then large decorative rocks can be used on one side of it to add character. They can also be used to provide some shade for the Koi fish. 

Decorative rock can be used to create nice-looking borders

If you have areas in your yard where you would like there to be borders, then you can also use decorative rocks to create those borders. You can choose rocks that are the right size and color and they can go all the way around certain areas or they can line them. For example, you can use them to line the walkways or as a border for places like your garden or flower beds. 

Decorative rocks can double as seating

If you really like to keep everything as natural as possible when it comes to your landscape, then you can even use large decorative rocks to create seats and tables in areas of your yard where you may like to spend some time relaxing. As long as rocks of the appropriate size and shape are used, this can work out well. 

Decorative rocks can be used to create a great fire pit

Decorative rocks can be used to create a fire pit in your yard. You can dig a hole in an area of the yard that is away from any structures, trees, and other foliage. You can use the rocks around the hole to create the border of the fire pit. This gives you a nice place to enjoy a bonfire when the weather is good. You want to make sure the fire pit is deep enough and that the rocks are large enough that you can have a fire safely in the fire pit.

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