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Air Stream Renovations For A Modern Road Trip Machine To Take Across The Country

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If you want to go on a long-distance road trip, you are going to need to have accommodations. With an Air Stream RV, you will be able to take your accommodations with you on a road trip. Therefore, you may be looking for the perfect Air Stream restoration project to get ready for long-distance road trips. The following renovations for Air Stream RVs will help you create the ultimate road trip machine for the accommodations on your trips:

Gutting the Air Steam RV and Repairing Structural Damage

The Air Steam vehicle should be stripped down to the bare structural frame and exterior finish to begin your renovations. After you have all the finishes and mechanical systems removed, you are going to be ready to inspect the RV for structural damage and problems that are going to need repairs throughout the process of restoration.

Lightweight Materials For Repairs And Interior Finishes of Air Stream RVs

The lighter you can make your Air Stream, the fewer problems you are going to have. Therefore, you will want to start using lighter materials for structural repairs to help reduce the weight of the vehicle. The lightweight improvements can be continued throughout the restoration process for mechanical systems and interior finishes of your RV. Lightweight materials that you can use for your Air Stream restorations include:

  • Aluminum and lightweight metals
  • Modern composites for interior finishes, cabinets, and features
  • Fiberglass and carbon fiber for structural repairs and custom designs

The lighter materials help to make the vehicle lighter, which can improve fuel consumption and handling when doing long-distance traveling.

Designing and Rough Installation of Air Stream Mechanical Systems

Before the interior of your vehicle can be finished, the rough mechanical installations need to be installed. Therefore, you are going to want to draw the basic design of mechanical features and upgrades. Rough wiring, plumbing, and storage tank systems can be installed before you continue to the finishes in the interior and restorations for the exterior of your Air Stream.

Custom Air Stream Interior Design and Multi-functional Features for Road Trips

The Air Stream restorations give you an opportunity to create custom multi-functional features for your travel needs. These can be convertible spaces inside the interior, such as living room, dining, and home office areas that can easily be converter to the space you need. You can also add custom features that include:

  • Retractable awnings with screens for patio space
  • Storage solutions inside and outside of the RV
  • Hideaway appliances and kitchen design solutions
  • Pull-out office desk space and living room entertainment areas

The custom multi-functional features that you add to your Air Stream during renovations will help give you a more personalized traveling solution for your accommodations.

Mechanical Repairs and Repairing Damage To Iconic Vintage Air Stream Exteriors

The exterior repairs are some of the most important work that needs to be done. It is best to have a professional restoration service deal with the repairs to metalwork. Other exterior improvements can be made, such as installing modern LED lights, adding ladders, and installing rooftop equipment for the mechanical systems of your RV. You may also want to ask a restoration service about updating the brake system for your Air Stream to make it safer.

These Air Stream renovations will help give you the modern accommodations you need for cross-country road trips. If you want a vintage RV for your adventures, contact an Airstream Renovation company, such as Innovative Spaces and talk to them about custom features you want for your trips.