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The Planning Phase: Advice For Having A New Home Built

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You can't wait to have your new home built so you can move in, but before you get to that stage, there is a lot of planning that needs to take place. The whole process will start with a series of meetings with your designer and builder in order to hammer out the details and make sure the home will be everything you've ever wanted. Below, you will find some advice for this planning phase of the home building process.

1. Bring photos of what you do and do not want.

Spend a few days browsing photos of homes and saving things you come across to two different folders. The first folder should be for photos of details, layouts, and other elements you love and want to incorporate into your own home. The second folder should be for photos that show details you cannot stand and want to make sure don't make it into your home. For instance, if you come across a bunch of bathrooms with large square tile and you don't like that look, save an image so you can show your designed and say that you don't want tile like it. Showing photos of things you like and don't like will help your designer get a better idea of your taste so they're better able to recommend things you actually like.

2. Present your budget at the onset.

Before you even start making a floor plan or choosing finishes, let you designer and builder know what your overall budget is. This way, the designer can suggest options that will fit into that budget. If you wait to share your budget until later, you may then have to cut things out to lower costs, which can be disappointing and frustrating.

3. Think about furniture placement from the start.

When you're sitting down with your designer to decide where to place walls and how large to make room, make sure you are thinking about where you'll put certain pieces of furniture. This is especially important if you already have furniture you plan on putting into the home. For instance, if you have a sofa you plan on keeping, you want to tell your designer that so they can plan the living room layout with that in mind.

The guidance above should prove helpful as you navigate the planning phase of home building. Let your builder and designer guide you as they've done this many times before. Reach out to a professional to start a new home build.