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Water System Maintenance And The Problems Consistent Routines Will Prevent

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If you have a water well with a complete pump and filtration system, maintaining it is important. The maintenance consists of cleaning and inspecting your equipment. Sometimes, you may need thorough maintenance or a minor repair. The following well maintenance will prevent common problems with your water system:

Taking Care of Your Water Purification System

The water purification system that you have installed on your well needs to be maintained regularly. The filtration system will need maintenance more frequently than other components of your well water system. The filtration medium of these systems needs to be changed regularly, and the system should be cleaned as part of regular maintenance for your water system.

Pressure Tanks and Dealing With Worn Valves

The pressure tanks are other areas of water systems that need maintenance. It is important to routinely inspect the pressure tank for problems with corrosion, leaks, and other damage. Inside the pump, there is a baffle valve that can wear out and cause problems. If the valves are not working properly, they should be replaced to prevent problems with your water system.

Inspecting Control Switches and Water System Wiring

The control switch is another area of your well system that you want to take care of. Check to make sure the switch control panel is working and check the wiring of the pressure system for worn or damaged wires. Repair any damaged wiring before it causes problems with shorts that make the pressure control switch not work properly. If the pressure control switch has a short, it will need to be replaced to prevent problems with your system. Problems with your pump not turning on could be due to the pressure control switch needing maintenance.

Cleaning and Inspecting the Well Pump for Problems

The pump of your water system also needs to be maintained. The process of cleaning and inspecting the pump will start with pulling it from the well casing. Once the pump is out of the casing, it needs to be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Before assembling the pump again, inspect the turbine and other moving parts to make sure they are not damaged. When the pump is dropped back in the casing, the wiring should be replaced and secured to prevent frays and damage.

With regularly scheduled water system maintenance, you will have fewer problems with your well equipment. If it is time for maintenance, contact a water system maintenance service to ensure your equipment is working as it should.