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Three Beautiful Finishing Options For Decorative Concrete

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Whether you want to refinish your concrete floors or want to have new concrete floors installed, you have many finishing options that can transform the look of your property. Concrete floors are becoming very popular for commercial and residential use due to their versatility, durability, and beauty. Even concrete floors that have been abused for years can be refurbished and refinished rather than replaced, so you can have a beautiful floor no matter the history of your property. To get started with choosing the final look for your floor, here are three concrete floor finishing options.

Stained and Colored Concrete

Although traditional concrete comes in only one color (gray), modern concrete can take on a wide variety of hues thanks to concrete coloring techniques. Stained or colored concrete can give a room a warm or cool appearance. Concrete colorants come in a wide variety of earthy colors, but don't expect to get extremely vivid or wild colors from stained concrete. To achieve a truly bold look, try painting your concrete with bright epoxy paint. Painted finishes don't last as long as stains and other concrete colorants, and they may be more difficult to maintain, so choose your colored finish based on the maintenance you can see yourself putting into the floor.

Polished Concrete

Both old and new concrete floors can be polished to perfection with help from professional concrete contractors. The polishing process removes any abrasive or dust-catching textures from concrete floors, leaving them perfectly smooth and shiny. If you want to polish an old concrete floor, make sure it is as flat as possible. If the floor is wavy from decades of use, a contractor may have to level it before polishing it. After polishing, concrete becomes effortless to clean. Your floor should maintain its shine for years to come with bare-bones maintenance work like sweeping and mopping.

Stamped Concrete

If you want the simplicity of concrete flooring without the look of concrete, you have a unique option in stamped or textured concrete. During installation, contractors use a variety of stamps, trowels, and specialized tools to create beautiful textures that mimic other floors. Stamped concrete is used to give the look of a tile floor without any grout and to add a non-slip surface to some commercial floors. Depending on the texture of the final product, you may need to put a little bit of extra care into cleaning the floor by touching up highly textured areas, but otherwise, maintaining a stamped concrete floor is just like maintaining any concrete floor. Just sweep and mop it occasionally.

To learn more about decorative concrete floors, contact concrete contractors in your area.