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Shingle Problems? Call A Roofing Contractor Right Away

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Because of its location, the roof can be one of the toughest structures on the home to maintain properly. However, a lack of maintenance can have a long-lasting effect on your roof's shingles. If the shingles on your roof do any of the following strange things, call a roofing contractor immediately.

Gradually Lose Their Granules

If the shingles on your roof suddenly look shiny or glossy, contact a roofer. A loss of granules can make shingles look shiny and glossy. Granule loss can place your roof at risk for permanent damage, including failure.

Granules are tiny minerals or structures that help water bead on the roof's surface during rain or snowy conditions. Poor maintenance, hail, and even tree branches and limbs can knock, brush, or blow granules off shingles. Shingles that lose their granules early can make the roof vulnerable to holes and leaks in the future.

A roofer can inspect your shingles to see why they lost some of the granules. If the loss of granules is due to poor maintenance, a roofer will clean the roof and replace the shingles. If the loss of granules is due to tree damage or something else, a roofer may recommend you trim your trees to keep the problem from occurring in the future.

Granule loss isn't the only issue shingles can experience from poor maintenance or care. Shingles can also blow or fall off your roof.

Blow Off the Roof Very Easily

In order for shingles to keep the roof deck and attic free of water, they must adhere securely to the surface of the roof. Shingles that don't adhere to the roof's surface properly may blow off very easily during wind or rain storms. Squirrels and other small animals may also knock loose shingles off your roof during the year.

If you find roofing shingles all over the ground, call a roofer. A roofer can examine the shingles to see if they are:

  • old and worn out
  • missing adhesive or nails
  • cracked or damaged

If all of the shingles on your roof have any of the features above, a contractor can reroof your home. The rest of the shingles may blow off the roof as well.

A roofer may also reinforce the edge of your roof with better gutters or fascia boards. The new structures may help keep shingles lining the edge of your roof from lifting up later.

Don't allow poor maintenance or repairs to destroy your roof's shingles. Contact a company like Toth Roofing to learn more.