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Use These Tips To Increase The Life Of Your HVAC System

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Your home's HVAC unit helps keep you cool and comfortable while filtering the air that you breathe. As it plays such an important role in your family's health, it's crucial that you keep it functioning at its best. Increase the life of your HVAC system by following these guidelines: 

Change Your HVAC Filter Regularly

The air in your home circulates through your HVAC system, passing through the filter every time. This makes it important that your system's filter is clean so that it can filter dust, pollen, and additional pollutants from the air. Typically your air filter will need to be changed every three months, but if you have numerous pets or someone living in the home who suffers from respiratory allergies, you may need to change the filter more frequently. If you don't know how to do this, your HVAC provider can send a service technician to change the filter for you. 

Ensure Correct Circulation

For your air conditioning system to work correctly, it's vital that the intake area and all vents be easily accessible and clear of blockages. The unit cannot function at its best without correct circulation. Without enough air flowing through the system, you'll quickly encounter major problems. If you notice that your system isn't blowing air, is making strange noises, or seems to be malfunctioning, check your home to be sure that nothing is blocking part of the system. Then reach out to your HVAC provider to schedule a service call. 

Utilize the Thermostat 

If you continually run your HVAC system on the highest fan settings, you may find that it freezes up or cannot keep up with the demand, especially when the outdoor temperature is very high. In this type of weather, it's important to use the thermostat on your system. You can set the temperature of your home slightly higher when you'll be away, then cool your home down when you'll be present. This helps you save money on your energy bills and ensure that your system works at its best. 

Schedule Regular HVAC Service

One of the most important things you can do to maintain your home HVAC system is to schedule a recurring service appointment. Consider having your air conditioning unit serviced in the spring and fall of each year, for example, so that it can function at its best. A skilled local technician can visit your home and make sure that your HVAC system is ready to keep your home cool throughout the summer and warm throughout the winter.  If you have an HVAC unit in your home, it's important to maintain it carefully. Doing so helps prevent health issues and system breakdowns and can help you keep your system working its best. 

Reach out to a local air conditioning service to learn more.