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4 Timber Bridge Design Ideas to Help Choose the Right Access Features for Your Remote Property

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If you have a rural property that is remote, one of the problems that you may have is not being able to access some of the areas around your property. This is often due to the lack of bridge infrastructure that can provide quick access to different areas. Timber bridges can be a great solution to create the access you need for different areas of your remote project. The following timber bridge design ideas will help you get the access you need for these areas of your property:

1. Simple Foot Bridges and ATV Timber Bridges to Access Remote Corners of Your Property

One of the first options that you will consider is simple access bridges for footpaths and ATV trails. These can be narrow bridges with lightweight construction, which makes them an affordable solution to access some of the areas of your property that are difficult to get to. These are going to be good options where you do not want to invest in a large timber bridge project but still need some type of infrastructure for these areas of your property.

2. Building a Custom Covered Timber Bridge for An Attractive Entrance to Homes and Structures 

There are also options for custom covered bridges, which can be an attractive addition to areas of your property where appearance important. This could be access to a house or cabin on your property. Custom covered bridges will have an attractive traditional appearance that will fit in with the rural landscaping around your home and other structures on your property.

3. Creating a Timber Bridge for The Fire Access Roads and Protecting Them from Wildfires

There are also areas of your home that need access due to the danger of wildfires. This is something that can be done with timber bridges, but because they are a wood structure, the area around the bridge needs to be clear and have features like gravel breaks to help keep the bridge safe from being burned when you need to access certain areas of your property.

4. Building Gravel Access Roads and Adding Attractive Timber Bridges to Preserve Naturel and the Landscape

There are also areas around your home where you will want to have gravel access roads that may be used by other properties and residents. For these areas, you want to build timber bridges that have a sturdier structure, which can be done with steel reinforcement and a bridge that is finished with timber to ensure it fits into the surrounding natural landscape.

These are some timber bridge design ideas that you will want to access some of these different areas of your property. If you are ready to get the right infrastructure built for your property, contact a timber bridge building company and start planning these features for your remote property.