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Exterior Waterproofing And Choosing The Best Solutions To Protect Your Foundation

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The exterior waterproofing of your home is important to protect your foundation from problems with damage. You want to choose the best waterproofing solutions to protect your home from leaks and problems with water damage. The following exterior waterproofing solutions will help give your foundation the best protection to prevent problems:

Start with good drainage solutions for the foundation

The best exterior waterproofing systems start with good drainage. You want to make sure that the foundation of your home has a good drainage design before you begin with exterior waterproofing. The drainage can include drain lines for landscaping, exterior waterproofing, and the interior of your foundation. The better drainage you have, the fewer problems you are going to have with leaks and waterproofing failures.

Foundation waterproofing below the soil elevations

The most important waterproofing system that is needed to protect your foundation is the one below the soil. This should be a system that is layered with different elements for drainage, sealing, and dealing with static water pressure. The components of the exterior waterproofing system below the soil should include:

  • Drain tiles below the foundation slab level
  • Gravel to allow for groundwater to drain easily
  • Sealant layer to protect against water penetration
  • Padding and insulation to reduce static water pressure and structural problems

These are the basic components of exterior waterproofing systems that are below the soil elevations around the foundation of a structure.

Sealants and exterior waterproofing for exposed finishes

Above the soil elevations, there may be a need for exterior waterproofing for areas where there is exposed brick and other finishes that are vulnerable to water penetrations. If you do not want to have unsightly exposed foundation waterproofing, there are options for clear exterior waterproofing that can be used to seal brick and other materials without affecting their appearance.

Other exterior waterproofing to protect your home from damage

There are other exterior materials, finishes, and surfaces that you may want to seal. Exterior waterproofing can be used for surfaces like driveways, patios, and hardscaping that you want to seal to protect materials and prevent problems. When you have other exterior waterproofing done, you will also want to ask about sealing these areas while the work is being done.

The waterproofing of your foundation is important to prevent problems with structural damage and issues with water inside your home. If you need to protect your home from damage, contact an exterior waterproofing service to ensure your home is protected.